What do you think—is 2021 the trashier version of 2020? I mean so far it’s a free for all shit show, in my opinion. This year has given me a positive Covid test, as well as learning one of my favorite relatives has lung cancer. Oh, and we watched the super-patriotic Americans destroy the Capital. And we aren’t even halfway through January yet!!!

I am pleased to say that after the election was FINALLY over my stress levels plummeted knowing that the grownups are finally taking over. Was it just me, or were these past four years the longest ever? Honestly I feel like I won the Hunger Games for even surviving it. But also I know the last four years have changed me, not necessarily for the better. However, we can always change and grow for the better. I’m working on it.

I’m also working on some new projects! I’m super excited to dip my toe into some resin-work. I think it will be a great way to use and display my growing crystal collection. Not to worry, I’ll over-photograph the entire process and post soon.

Due to my Covid status I totally dropped the ball on the 30/30 challenge…so today restarts that clock! If you have any topic suggestions or just questions for me please leave in the comments and I will get right on it!

Stay healthy, wear a mask, and have a delightful hump day!

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