Verbal Vomit

This is where I warn you that I am not politically correct.  I drink, I swear, I make many bad decisions, but I admit when I’m the bigger bananahead. If you are easily offended please just leave now because this is my dream and I’m living it my way.

Now that you’ve been warned here’s the scoop on me:

Twenty years ago I was passing through Atlanta on my way home from my first Mardi Gras.  As I came through town I felt an overwhelming sense of *home*, and after spending a few days here, I found an apartment.  I went back to PA, quit my job at the video store, and moved here 2 wks later.  I had no job, no friends, and only one cousin who ended up leaving Atlanta within months of my arrival.  It never occurred to me that this might be a tad extreme.  It never occurred to me that I might NOT get a job with the major TV company I moved here hoping to work for—it took a year, but they hired me 19yrs ago.  I never thought what I did was particularly brave–my parents had raised me with the knowledge that when I graduate, I was to move away.  My Dad asked me to stay on the East Coast, so I did, but other than that my requirement was a many hour drive so that I would really be on my own.

In my late 20’s I had a moonlighting jewelry business, Saucy Somethin’s.  I would do local art shows and festivals and I LOVED it. After a few years I got burned out from working overnights and doing festivals, and I gave it up the year that I got married and preggo.  Over ten years and two kiddos later, I’m 40something with kids that are finally old enough that we can sleep in on the weekends.  I have always been super artsy altho for a long time I avoided calling myself an artist, I was always just “the weird one”.  This is how we define ourselves when we grow up in a tiny town with the same people until we go off to college.  It took me a long time to accept and love who I am, what I think, and what I’m capable of.  Parts of that journey will pop up for time to time, but for the sake of this verbal vomit I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

I am a total nerd and I embrace it with every fiber of my being.  I love Star Wars, the Marvel Empire, Dr.Who, flamingos, unicorns, rainbows, glitter, and glamping with my pug.  We also have a gorgeous Siberian cat named Fetch.  (Bonus points if you know why that’s her name)  If you have cat allergies like my Hubs, Siberian cats are the way to go!

I’m sure this will be edited many times over as it morphs into….whatever it’s supposed to be.  I’m just excited to be making my creative dreams a reality, sharing my knowledge of *useful stuff*, and getting out my soapbox from time to time.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and read this.  I mean it! I’m counting on you to keep me honest! Have an amazeballs day!