Everyone loves Flamingos!

Show your team spirit with these customized Flamingos.  They are hand painted, coated with many layers of lacquer to withstand the elements and have a laminated logo.  I can do any team, NBA, NFL, MLB, or even your local high school(you will need to send pictures for bird). Click here to go to my Etsy... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Balm!

The sleepy balm has hit my Etsy store!!! This is an amazing sleep aid--it won't put you to sleep, but it improves the quality of your sleep. I love waking up feeling REALLY rested, you will too!!! Check it out!!


I love gardening. I know that sounds hokey, but I love planting, transplanting, growing big herds of plants that I can then thin out to plants somewhere else in the yard.  I have Cannas all over, and they are all the children of like 6 plants that I bought 5yrs ago.  I have Elephant Ears... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Witch

My favorite thing about my other "non-corporate " job is I can come home and be a kitchen witch at 5am and no one comes in whining about the smell. I know for sure there would've been complaining about the smell of my new hemp oil pain cream before I added a few other essential... Continue Reading →

Flamingos and missing things.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm not taking this blog as seriously as you might think.  I'm more about having the outlet, and it eventually being a THING, but never THE thing.  It is nice to have a place to speak freely, flaunt my weirdness if you will.  And occasionally say the things that I... Continue Reading →

Meme Art

When I started planning my 40th party I wanted it to be all my favorite things. One of my very favorite things: MEMES!!! I printed out my faves, laminated them, and attached them to various things--clothespins, wooden dowels, even magnets! The guests had a blast picking out magnets to take home and the leftovers will... Continue Reading →

As Is.

This year I was confronted with a big fat parenting dilemma.  Pardon the pun.... It is a dilemma that I knew I would have to hurdle at some point, but I didn't think it would be this soon.  And it never crossed my mind that it would be with my son.  My husband took the... Continue Reading →

Political Rage

Today I had some of the best sleep in a LONG time.  I had the rain falling on my white noise machine, sleepy balm on my feet and calves, the fan on high, and my 25lb weighted blanket on me.  I slept hard. Like, HARD.  I woke up rested, had a lovely dinner with my... Continue Reading →

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