And while I’m at it….

Let's talk about depression.  Mine has been exceedingly brutal lately.  Part of it was not taking my oils when I was traveling, part of it is the general mood of the world in general, and part of it was accidentally running out of my meds and going nearly a week without any.  I'm back on... Continue Reading →

Political Neutrality.

I was thinking of calling this something about "can a liberal snowflake BE ironic?", but I think political neutrality is better.  I was talking with one of my cousins tonight(PS--Betsy, we need to talk asap!!) about something another family member posted.  I was honest about the fact that I unfollowed several family members and friends... Continue Reading →

The Trek West.

For as much as I've traveled, there are parts of the country that I've never seen.  This year my mini-me niece graduated from high school, and my presence was required.  Since it was my first time hitting Utah, I made a long trip of it, and it was stunning! When I picked up my rental... Continue Reading →

The Good Stuff

I'm totally addicted to lists, slideshows, all that interwebs nonsense....but sometimes the lists show me amazing new things that I never would have here's my own hacked together tiny list of stuff I've found on amazon that I can not live without.... Eyebrow Gel I have exceptionally fine hair, which is delightful because I... Continue Reading →

We are so old.

Hubby and I were watching an old 'yo! MTV raps' last night....This came on. Omg we are old---this came out in 1989. And yet LL looks about the same!!!

Newest project!!

These will be on Etsy when I get the REAL photos done. Fancy Flamingos!! I can customize the colors if you want it to match your alma mater, etc. $25/bird or $40 for a pair.

Cockroaches and Shenangins

You know you work with the right people when this email is sent to inform management of potential pest issues.....I am not the author of this letter, but since it made me laugh my butt off at the thought of some cockroach running towards her yelling SSSSPPPPAAAAAARRRRRRRRTTTTTAAAAAAA!!!!!!!, I thought it was worth sharing.   Hey... Continue Reading →

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