As Is.

This year I was confronted with a big fat parenting dilemma.  Pardon the pun.... It is a dilemma that I knew I would have to hurdle at some point, but I didn't think it would be this soon.  And it never crossed my mind that it would be with my son.  My husband took the... Continue Reading →

Political Rage

Today I had some of the best sleep in a LONG time.  I had the rain falling on my white noise machine, sleepy balm on my feet and calves, the fan on high, and my 25lb weighted blanket on me.  I slept hard. Like, HARD.  I woke up rested, had a lovely dinner with my... Continue Reading →

Dear Talent…

An open letter to the folks we all(my fellow co-workers) call Talent.  This includes anchors, show hosts, and sometimes even show guests.  I have been processing the suicide of Anthony Bourdain for the last couple weeks and this is the result of all of it.  I wrote Martha a letter after she died and it... Continue Reading →

And while I’m at it….

Let's talk about depression.  Mine has been exceedingly brutal lately.  Part of it was not taking my oils when I was traveling, part of it is the general mood of the world in general, and part of it was accidentally running out of my meds and going nearly a week without any.  I'm back on... Continue Reading →

Political Neutrality.

I was thinking of calling this something about "can a liberal snowflake BE ironic?", but I think political neutrality is better.  I was talking with one of my cousins tonight(PS--Betsy, we need to talk asap!!) about something another family member posted.  I was honest about the fact that I unfollowed several family members and friends... Continue Reading →

The Trek West.

For as much as I've traveled, there are parts of the country that I've never seen.  This year my mini-me niece graduated from high school, and my presence was required.  Since it was my first time hitting Utah, I made a long trip of it, and it was stunning! When I picked up my rental... Continue Reading →

The Good Stuff

I'm totally addicted to lists, slideshows, all that interwebs nonsense....but sometimes the lists show me amazing new things that I never would have here's my own hacked together tiny list of stuff I've found on amazon that I can not live without.... Eyebrow Gel I have exceptionally fine hair, which is delightful because I... Continue Reading →

We are so old.

Hubby and I were watching an old 'yo! MTV raps' last night....This came on. Omg we are old---this came out in 1989. And yet LL looks about the same!!!

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