Wine at my door, Adulting done right!

Over the years I have tried several of the delivery service wines.  The one that I have stuck with is Winc.  Not only do they have great wines, but you have options. You can just set your preferences and they pick what they send, you can pick them yourself, or you can skip a month.  I did try Naked Wines and thought their wine was pretty awesome.  The downside was that since they were smaller wineries the stock would sell out fast. And while I love the idea of being a “wine angel”, I had to stop using them because of general household cutbacks.

There are many wines that I have ended up LOVING and I never would have tried them if it weren’t for programs like this because I know very little about wine and I usually pick bottles based solely on how much I like the label.  So try something new, you never know when you’ll find your new go-to vintner!

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