My favorite childhood book.  Well, I’m a big nerd, so I can’t pick just one. Not to mention, which part of my childhood?  I loved all things Dr Seuss growing up,


then got on the


Sweet Valley train, and


Babysitters Club.  I then moved on to

RL Stine and Christopher Pike,


and I can’t leave out the incomparable Stephen King–actually, I started reading him so young that the town librarian called my mother to tell her “exactly what kind of books your daughter is reading!”.  My mother DGAF about what I read as long as I was reading.  Being the youngest totally has advantages because there are so many things that my parents DGAF about.  Then again, I was a shockingly well-behaved child, mostly.  I also went through books at an alarming rate–so I would re-read them to pass the time on car trips.

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