Something I Miss

That was the subject for today, and while I could totally go all emotional and talk about serious things, I’m going to talk about something I seriously miss that won’t make you cry.  Or maybe it will, if you’re my kind of people.

The struggle is real, y’all—I miss being able to sneeze, cough, or laugh too hard without worrying I might really pee my pants.  I know, it seems crazy, but the older I get—and after 2 giant babies sitting on my bladder for a combined 18mos—I really have to watch myself.  This is NOT something I was warned about as a child.  I know eventually I’ll be like my Gramma, shuffling across the room and farting the whole way, but no one told me I’d randomly spring a leak for having too much fun!  For all the advantages of being a lady, there sure is a whole lotta ridiculousness “down there”.


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