Sassy Pants!

I have noticed now that I’ve been “working on myself” that I am wearing my sassy pants on a near daily basis.  I love wearing my sassy pants—it spurs me to get sh*t done.  Tonight, thanks to our tax refund, I was able to pay off a couple credit cards and that feels amazeballs!  And I finally made a current list of the accounts and balances to start to work on a budget that we can live on when hubby’s severance stops this summer.  In the past I have had serious stress when working on finances because….money, duh.  But now that I’m doing all these financial affirmations around money, and how I allow it to flow in my life etc etc etc, now it feels less stressful and more like a really shitty math equation that I have to figure out.  And I will figure it out, I was actually pretty good at math…..and chemistry, of all things!  I think back to HS when I took advanced chem classes and I have no idea how my artsy little brain did it, but I LOVED the puzzle factor of chemistry.

I no longer doubt the power of affirmations and word art used in daily life to transform your thinking.  I put it out there on Sunday about my business aspirations and a day later I have a couple new customers.  I put it out there that I needed something inspirational to look forward to….then I heard President Clinton is speaking next month and got tickets.  We really do get back what we put out—it might not be the way we envisioned, but the universe DOES have your back if you have faith in her.

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