Cockroaches and Shenangins

You know you work with the right people when this email is sent to inform management of potential pest issues…..I am not the author of this letter, but since it made me laugh my butt off at the thought of some cockroach running towards her yelling SSSSPPPPAAAAAARRRRRRRRTTTTTAAAAAAA!!!!!!!, I thought it was worth sharing.


Hey *****,

I just dispatched a giant cockroach in Master. It ran around the corner from the desks, and headed towards me, shouting at me and threatening my life, so naturally I had to kill it.

Thought you might want to know so you can get facilities to do some pest control.





FTR,  we did kill the roach—-first spraying it with Lysol(it was the only spraycan nearby) and then with my shoe, securing the corpse under the trashcan until a gentleman could remove the body.

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