Political Rage

Today I had some of the best sleep in a LONG time.  I had the rain falling on my white noise machine, sleepy balm on my feet and calves, the fan on high, and my 25lb weighted blanket on me.  I slept hard. Like, HARD.  I woke up rested, had a lovely dinner with my family and then I came to work.  Like most days, I don’t watch the news unless I’m AT work.  My husband mentioned a shooting, and I changed the subject because “I’ll hear all about it when I go in”.   I didn’t realize it had been a newspaper.  In hindsight, I’m glad–I didn’t need to spend my drive in worrying about if I would be safe at work.


I know the Alt-Right like to think that everyone who works for one of these vile fake news channels is evil.  Am I evil? A 40yr old married mom.  I work for a news station—I’ve been a loyal employee for 17+yrs.  It was my first “real” job out of college, after I moved to Atlanta on a whim.  I’ve been very lucky,  I work with a great group of people in an off-shoot of the main company, but I still work IN the building.  I have worked in this building for 16yrs and I have never felt unsafe.  It never occurred to me that a stranger would want to hurt me just because I have an ID card around my neck—-that simply because of where I draw a paycheck I am a target.

My job is just a job, it’s not my life. It doesn’t define me as a person.  It doesn’t factor into my identity at all.   In the grand scheme of things I am just a worker bee.  Should I be afraid to come to work?  Should I let my anxiety go into overdrive imagining all the awful things that could happen in this place?


Here’s the thing….I don’t agree with everything my employer says/does.  I have LOADS of opinions of my own.  True story!  So does every other person in this building.  Wait—it gets better….I WORK with some republicans.  Yeah buddy, there are YOUR PEOPLE here in my building.  I’m sure there is some fantasy that everyone that works here is a liberal snowflake and I’m here to tell you that is SOOOOO not true.  We are a very diverse group of people and yet we all get along–it’s mystifying.

And really—I can tell you, shooting up my workplace, if you could even get in to where the employees are, wouldn’t do a damn thing about what is on your TV.   It wouldn’t change a single thing except make the survivors fight harder.  While I can’t speak for other news outlets, I’m pretty sure they all would concur.

You want to make us the enemy, then you should think of us like Hydra—cut off one head and two grow back in it’s place.  So come at me bro—I’m not going to work in fear.

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