I am a Lady and You are a Dick.

The last few years in this country have been nothing if not tumultuous.  I don’t say that to be dramatic, but I work in the news industry, and my “quiet” little job in operations has become a minefield of child sex abuse, gang rapes, public be-headings, and, of course, the current administration.

I have always been a happy little snowflake—not because I’m not aware of what is going on in the world, but because I was raised to see the good.  Then you throw in the Capricorn personality and it becomes hope for the best but prepared for EVERYTHING.  This is why my purse is so heavy.

If you follow me on Facebook(Genevieve Elizabeth), then you will see lots of “liberal snowflake” posts.  This isn’t because I think I can actually change anyone’s mind, I’m blonde, but not stupid.  But I know my friends who have similar opinions like them, and every now and then I get a troll that I can shred, and I won’t lie–shredding a troll is hella fun.

However, what I witnessed over the last few days since Senator McCain passed has really been a gut punch to my optimism, and here is why: It’s no longer a party issue, because McCain was a Republican.  And he was damn good at it.  He would have been a great president.  He was a man of honor, who spoke his mind, spoke up for the little people and genuinely cared about the people he represented.  To me, that exemplifies what a good Politician should be.

With everything that is going right or wrong in the country, I’ve always believed that while the men and women we elect may have sketchy moral compasses,  at the end of the day they are decent human beings.   A DECENT human would have put out public comment immediately.  The man-child we have in office took DAYS and even then, it was totally half-assed.

I have often posted things on FB asking my GOP friends if they are seriously ok with…..take your pick—kids in cages, asbestos being legal again, ruining our natural resources, taking kids away from their parents. sending people home who have never known anywhere to live but America……the list goes on….but this is my final straw.

I know, you’re wondering WHY THIS?  Why is this one snub to a great man who is no longer with us the straw that broke the camel’s back?  Very easy answer…because we no longer expect manners and decency from the highest office in the land and everyone is just fucking ok with it.

We don’t have to be ok with it.  I am not ok with it, and I have no problem telling you why—because we are accepting behavior that for 38yrs I was taught was completely bad and wrong.  Lying, cheating, stealing—-I grew up in a small town, y’all—that shit doesn’t fly in a small town. It’s a matter of following the rules, and being a decent human(not great, just decent), and having some goddamn manners.  Speak up!  Call people out on not saying thank you, or not holding a door, or whatever.  You don’t have to be an asshole about it, in fact I’m super sweet when I’m pointing out someone’s shitty behavior because I don’t want to fight, I just want to point out that they can do better.  We ALL can do better, so why don’t we give that a shot so we can remember how good it feels to be good again.

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