What’s a CV?

No–you don’t have to tell me, I figured it out.  But it’s interesting how other countries look at things such as your CV/resume/whatever you choose to call it.

I’ve worked at the same company for 17yrs, minus a quick 6 month sabbatical when my first husband got a job in Virginia.  At the time I didn’t realize the thing about “some” chefs is they are temperamental whiny bitches who will quit a job without having anything lined up first.

But that was a loooooong time ago.

And being at the same job doing the same thing for so many years makes me really have to use my noggin to come up with the things which resumes are made of: fantastical work qualities.  Technically I’ve had a full time job and a minimum of 2(up to 4) “side hustles” going.  Sometimes it was when I was a designer of jewelry, or a maker of spa products, or a planner of parties, or manager of rental properties.  The point is, I’m writing a resume for the first time in about 18 years and while my experiences might not be “normal”–because how on Earth could I ever have a normal life when I’m so abnormal?–I have learned so many unique skills that will equip me for what lies ahead.

FTR, I have no idea what lies ahead, I just know that change is coming in HUGE waves in my life.  It’s nice to know that if our skills are what make our life raft to keep us afloat during such tumultuous times, my life raft is is strong, and so am I.


After finishing my CV,  I’m mostly satisfied with it.  Like anything I do, it can always use a little tweaking. The advice I was given was “Well they say you shouldn’t recognise yourself in the cv but immediately employ yourself”.  I would employ myself any day of the week because DAMN—-I am a hard worker and I get shit DONE!

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