Asking the Grinch: Why?

Remember when Cindy Lou Who wakes up and asks the Grinch why he is taking Christmas away?  Why, Sant-y Claus, why?

This is how I feel when they bring up reproductive rights.  And by they I don’t mean R& D’s, I just mean people.  Other people.  How is it that other people think they should control MY body?  I’ve always had a hard time wrapping my brain around that one.

At exactly what point in evolution did we decide to hand control of our self to others?  When we are children we listen to our parents.  As parents, we try to keep the babies and toddlers from accidentally killing themselves.  Then we have teens who should have a say over their bodies, but not until 18, as if that is some magic number that makes us NOT morons anymore.

But for women, we never really have a time when it is determined that our bodies and our choices are…..OURS.  Well, sometimes it happens—because I do believe that someone like myself who has had children, got my tubes tied and still have an IUD(because why should the workers show up in the factory is closed?  This is Business 101, yeah?) has a modicum of more control over my body only because as a non-breeder the doctors DGAF.  I have to work to be taken seriously when I have concerns, and even when I am super-specific about what’s going on, a male doctor will generally tell me that this would probably go away if I just lost a few pounds.   AGAIN with the weight?  I’m talking about a mole, on my arm, that I want removed and tested because it’s weird, and you are asking me to join Jenny Craig?  Fuck you.

I understand some people believe life starts when the sperm hits his target, but I’m not one of those people….I think that it takes time for it to grow into a sentient being.  I think that if someone is raped and wants to have an abortion, that’s their choice.  No, I don’t know if I would make the same choice. As I mentioned earlier, I am now a Non-Breeder therefore many would say my opinion is invalid.  And maybe it is.  But maybe EVERYONE’S opinion is invalid and we should just start being responsible for our own damn selves.

And since I have the soapbox out, why is it that no one ever stops to think that perhaps rapists should be required to be neutered.  Yes, vasectomy, I know—but if you’re going to act like a dog going around humping things that DO NOT want to be humped, I’ll treat you like the dog you are.  Can someone please start that bandwagon?  I bet a fair amount of people would hop onboard……NEUTER THE RAPISTS!  The campaign possibilities would be endless….


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