A new hope.

I’m not trying to get all Jedi on y’all or anything, but it was such a breath of fresh air to hear our new president speak coherent thoughts and complete sentences.

Ideally we can heal as a country now, although I know there are several relationships I will never repair. I think that is the universe realigning me with my people. Once upon a time I thought that every relationship, family/friend/platonic, would last for all time.

It took a few decades to learn to be Elsa.

Now I know how to let those people go, and it feels so good.

I used to get sad when I would always be the one to reach out, but now I hear the crickets in the lack of response and I am thankful.

It turns out that I have high standards (cuz I am a fabulous badass lady) and I am a happier more productive human when I make sure to hold my peeps to my high standards.

Really it’s a win/win for everyone in my life….and if you wondered why we don’t speak anymore….maybe I was a bitch or maybe you just couldn’t rise up to be a good human. Either way, you live your best life.

I really GET that I will be the villain in some people’s story and I accept it.

Working on yourself is hard, y’all, but I am trying.

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