My Covid Experience

The one thing everyone has asked since I got sick is “what was it like??”, so I will tell you.

To begin with, I don’t know how or where I picked it up.

I started feeling not so great one night. It was one of those things I could feel starting up. The next day I spent primarily in bed. And the day after that. And the day after that. Like, I’m talking 12-17hrs of sleep at a stretch.

Approximately 5 days after, I started feeling better.

Me being me, I went back to doing all sorts of things around the house. Then I started ping-ponging between feeling better and worse.

I did lose my sense of smell for a couple days. My appetite was shite. I had a slight wheeze, but I made sure to always sleep on my stomach or my side so it never worsened. I was congested AF, and went through two boxes of tissues. It was akin to a really bad chest cold—but honestly not much worse than my yearly cold. It was not as wretched as my Summer Cold. The exhaustion was the worst. I never really had a fever, although I did experience temperature maintenance issues when I slept in the very beginning. I have learned what the acceptable range for Celcius temperature after the thermometer won’t go back to normal. 36-37C is where I have been for the last 16 days.

I took Mucinex and NyQuil respectively and made sure I was sleeping 10-12hrs minimum. I also take EO pills with Thieves oil, and have a greens drink every day. I drink copious amounts of water. Like, RIDICULOUS amounts. Did I mention that I slept a lot?

From the first hint of illness to my positive test was 10 days. My negative test was 12 days after that. I spent those 12 days either in bed or on the couch wrapped in my heated blanket.

Overall I am so very fortunate.

I wish I could give you advice on how to not get it, but I can’t. To the dipshit who asked “is it really so hard to protect people?”—yeah, it is. Because even if we are being careful, an airborne virus can still getcha.

My advice to those who get it: be kind to your body!!!! Get loads of rest and drink gallons of water.

This has been my Covid Ted talk.

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