Jack & Leo

Last week I randomly watched The Shining. That’s especially off for me because I am not a Stanley Kubrick fan. But Netflix threw it at me so I thought “what the hey!” And I loved it even more for the 1980 decor.

Then I was flipping around and found Shutter Island—which has been on my must-watch list for about 11yrs. And I enjoyed it. I’m old enough to just appreciate Leo for who he’s grown into. My generation watched him grow up. I appreciate that more mow that I’m older. But that one dude will always be Buffalo Bill, no matter what.

Anyway. Tonight I get home from work and wanted something familiar to wind down…that’s how my adhd works. Now I’m watching The Departed with Jack & Leo and the universe has assured me that all is well.

Growth is hard, y’all. I appreciate the little things so damn much.

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