Today was the first time I actually let myself say it out loud. It sounded as petty out loud as it did in my brain and that’s ok.

“There is NOTHING men can do that is more than making a person.”

It’s jealousy, it’s control, it’s spite. It’s meant to keep us in our place.

And it’s NOT Trump’s fault. Or the GOP. Or all the fucking old white men in charge.

It’s everyone’s. We tolerated it when he called Mexicans rapists and grabbing the pussy and kids in cages and appointing a RAPIST to scotus and a fucking coup attempt. We are ok with it the same way we are ok with school shootings.

I’m so tired. I’m tired of being scared, and anxious and every other gross feeling I’ve had since 2016. I’m tired of being American. Because it stands for nothing anymore. This place is trash, the majority of the people are trash, the policies are trash, it’s all just fucking trash.

So that’s that. Next they’ll be after banning birth control, and gay marriage and interracial marriage….are we tolerating that too?

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