I still remember when it happened. I was working at CNN and for days we watched those poor traumatized kids. As time went on those kids grew into angry minors on the verge of voting. It was exciting to see them rally, and in some cases, run in future elections.

I’ve spent the last 3 months watching his sentencing hearing, hearing the victims, the parents. It rips my heart out every time the parents speak out.

Today I believe a grave injustice was done when the jury recommended life without parole. I’m one of the few snowflakes who firmly believes in the death penalty and that ANIMAL who took away 17 souls at that school should be taken behind the building and shot. Even that is more than he deserves.

With any luck, he’ll end up in general population and someone will take care of the problem, because that piece of human garbage(I will never say his name) doesn’t deserve to live after what he did. Actions should have repercussions.

Shame on you, Florida.

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