Teachable Moments

We all have teachable moments. I consider them to be moments in my life where I instantly knew whatever I’d done was wrong, but the words were out of my mouth and there was no taking them back. Of course with a 13YO and a 11YO there are lots of teachable moments at my house. I have had talks with my kids about how it doesn’t matter who you love or what you look like but rather how kind you are and how you can be a helpful person.

The other day, for example, as I was replacing the light fixture in the bathroom my daughter pipes in “hey why don’t you just call a repairman? “.
“Well, because if it’s something simple, we can figure it out ourselves and be self sufficient because one of the most important things you can be in life is self-reliant.”

My son chimes in “You can do anything, Mom! Look at this house, you did all this!”. I gave him a high five, “You’re gd right I can!”

That was a good parenting day.

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