Shock and Awe.

It is the BEST feeling when I find a Doom Box that is full of stuff that I KNEW I had, but had been unable to locate for the last couple months! I now will be able to finish several small projects this weekend!!!

In other news, I am officially old enough that I am taking a list with me to the dr. so I don’t forget any other the crap that’s going on….ya know, like brain fog and short term memory function 😂😊😊

Also, I’m pretty sure the kittens are plotting my demise since I refuse to give them wet food every day. They know where it is, and they tell me where it is, but we are on an every other day rotation since they were growing more out than up.

I know this entry isn’t so exciting, but I’m trying to start new habits and writing is one of them. Also on the list would be running the dishwasher every night, “making” my bed(I’m pretty good at this one), and remembering trash day(which my lovely GF reminds me to do every week). I don’t ever remember loathing the housework like I do now when I lived on my own previously. Perhaps because I was younger and my body didn’t make sound effects anytime I moved. Perhaps because I didn’t have 2 tornadoes that roll through every other week leaving mess and destruction in their wake. Have you smelled a teenage boy lately? Zero stars, do not recommend.

I hope y’all are having an enjoyable weekend….I plan on spending the cold days in bed with my cats watching movies, cuz that’s what 45yr olds do….Five stars, HIGHLY recommend.

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