I’m kind of tired of hearing that word. We need to normalize:_______! OR…we can just do the thing without talking about how awesome we are for the the thing that we should have done in the feckin first place.

I’m just sayin.

ANYWAY! If you need a good book, read Prince Harry’s latest release, Spare. I’m listening to it, and he’s just captivating! I love audiobooks–esp since I turned 45 and my eyesight decided to jump ship. I grew up watching his mother, I was heartbroken when she was killed. I don’t have any particular thoughts on the monarchy in general, I’m not British. Well, genetically I am. The monarchy has always just been a fun thing to watch from afar. I’m only halfway through the book, and I can’t freaking wait to finish it! I mean, I know how the story goes….I love hearing other’s perspectives on it all. And he has some pretty brilliant perspectives on many things. Let me know it you’ve read it and what you think!


I just finished part deux of Spare. Watch out for the story about poachers—I am 100% honestly still struggling with this. It’s been some time since a book has made me break into ugly-crying on my kitchen floor. Actually no—I’ve NEVER had a book do that, but there I was….first the tears, then I lost my breath. I was crying, sobbing so hard I had to stop the damn book. I still can’t think about it without crying. Ah, the joys of being an empath.

Really though, read the book.❤️

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