It was a cold rainy day….

It was a cold rainy day when I thought I should start some crazy blog.

No, it wasn’t a cold rainy day at all.  I have been getting glimpses of my potential for a pretty long time.  There is no decisive moment when I thought “HELL YES I can do this!”.  In all honesty, when I start a project I just assume it will work out and it never occurs to me that I will fail.  This is a blessing and a curse because sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.  For all I know, this will never really get the momentum needed to turn into anything—and that’s ok.  This is my place.  My space.  I don’t have answers, I’m not trying to become some crafty guru—I just want to see what my creativity can turn into if I just let it go and see what happens.  Could be a shit-show, could be the next HGTV goddess, who knows?  It’s all so exciting.

For the first blog I wanted to keep it simple….mostly so that I can go back and remember why I started when I inevitably hit a roadblock and am full of frustration.  I turned forty and threw a party—it was pretty boss, and I worked on decorations for about 2months.  Yes, I’m serious.  You can send my hubby your condolences, however, he knows that I thrive with big projects, and he is more supportive than I could ever hope for.

SO.  Starting a party planning company, and I’m going to get the Etsy shop up and running again at some point so that I can start getting these ideas out of my head and into my shop.  Meanwhile you wonderful interweb folks will be my sounding board, my allies, the ones that push me, my trolls, and just doing that whole interwebby thing you do.  I will do my best to keep it all in catergories and tagged and whatnot, but please feel free to call me on it if I get slack-ass or half-ass.  It’s ALL-ASS or go home around here.

Is your curiosity piqued?  Then my job here is done.  Now, to talk about brussel sprouts.

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