Oil Maven

Have you tried Essential Oils?  I’ve been using them to some degree for decades, but now that they are all the rage I hopped on that bandwagon and it’s changed my life.  No, I’m not going to try to sell you any.  I’m not going to try to recruit you.  I will tell you I use Young Living for the majority of my oils, altho I also really like the Now brand.  If you want info about becoming an oil maven, that’s what the contact page is for!

There are many ways to use EO, in a diffuser, an inhaler, a rollerbottle, or in a veggie capsule. I’ve started taking them in a veggie cap daily, and the changes are kicking in! I wanted to use oils that would help my body.  Full disclosure, I have been on meds for ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder, depression and insomnia for about 16yrs minus when I was preggo.  Here are a few oils I take, and what they are good for….

Thyme:  Increases progesterone production

Basil: Helps body regulate cortisol

Lemongrass: Decreases liver cholesterol

Myrtle: Stimulates thyroid

Ledum: Relieves anxiety and stress

Hyssop: Antispasmodic

Black Pepper: Helps quit smoking

Ginger: Digestion Detox/Aid

As you can see, I gave you links to do your own research!  It took me awhile to get to the point where I was making my own oil pills everyday, but I am so glad I got here.  On days when I don’t make a pill I can feel it–I’ll be more sluggish and definitely bitchy and short tempered.  What got me to go all in on the oils was this suggestion:  Would we be put on this planet and not given the tools to heal ourselves naturally?  I’m not going to stop taking my antidepressants or anything right away, but wouldn’t it be awesome to find something a little more natural to use?  I almost said “to fix me”, but I know I’m not broken, I’m just wired differently.  See?  It’s all about the language.

At the end of the day, I am a person who believes that natural remedies are amazeballs, but I will still go to the doctor if I have a broken arm, cuz there’s NOT an oil for that!! 🙂


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