The Amazing Avocado

I’ll be honest, I never understood everyone obsession with avocados when I was younger and more judgy about food.  I thought they were gross, and bad for you and that I was better off without them in my life.  I was wrong.


Two years ago I went on a huge no sugar lifestyle change.  I have slipped and stumbled over the years, but one thing that remains is my love for avocados.  Personally I feel better if I have 1/2-1 per day. I recently was talking to a coworker about grinding up the avocado pits.  I’m getting ready to get back on my low-sugar bandwagon, so I thought I’d throw this out there.


When I was grinding my pits, I would leave them on the window sill for a couple weeks to totally dry out,

*just so you know, they look like sad dried up little nut sacks when they are ready*

then cut them into a few pieces, put them in the food dehydrator for a couple hours to REALLY dry them out, then toss them in the Bullet and grind them up.  I keep it stored in a glass jar and just toss it in whatever I’m cooking.  There is no taste, so it’s a great way to be sneaky about adding good stuff to the kiddo’s food.



So now you know! Don’t toss your pits—grind them up for all the goodness!

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