My guilty pleasure. Hm. Well, since I’m a momma—my guilty pleasure should be my “alone time”, because I require a lot of time alone now that I live with 3 people.  I miss living alone, being alone.  I was raised as an only child since all my sibs were so much older, and while at the time I was not a fan….I’m older and wiser and very much like to have time where I can geek out about Justice League, Thor, and King Arthur whilst dancing around my camper eating spaghettios.  (yes, that’s a true story)

As for other guilty pleasures….that would be my taste in music which ranges from “really?!?”  to “OMFG AYKM????”.  That, and getting my nails done.  I LOVE having nails and I can’t grow them for shit, so thankfully I’ve been seeing Amy for the last few years since we moved to May-retta.


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