What Makes Me Feel Better. Always.

Pink Starbursts!

One thing that I really love to do when I’m in a snit is clean.  Not the kind of clean you are thinking, I’m talking about straight up ADHD obsessive cleaning.  When I’m on a really good roll with this, my house will look like….remember the tornado scene in Day After Tomorrow?  Yup, like that.  Then, somewhere in my brain, everything falls into place and the room is clean and in order.   This hasn’t been able to happen lately and it’s frustrating.  SUPER frustrating.  I used to have a significant amount of alone time, in the afternoons and one of my weekday day off.  This was when I would get sh*t DONE.  The house to myself, I could strip down to my skivies and knock it out. My new shift has changed this.  That, and other things, but that’s a chat for another time.

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