New Adventures.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to truly have a new adventure.  My DIY spirit mixed with severe ADHD means that I tend to get super into stuff, then lose steam.  Lately I’ve been much more forward-thinking than usual.  Rather than “side-gigging”, I’m devising plans for a business that would work for the entire framily.   Any new adventure will have requirements.  I want to do something that helps people.  The work I’ve been doing with CBD oil has been extremely promising, and deeply fulfilling in a way I’ve not experienced before.  I want to be able to employ people—pay taxes, offer amazeballs insurance, and have a workforce that is as happy to be there as I am to have them there.  My corporate life has taught me that when you are good to the employees, they are loyal and awesome—strip away those extra fun side benefits and morale goes to the shitter and your employees truly no longer GAF about the business one tiny bit.

So I’m going to start a business in an up and coming market. This business will allow me to grow as a person by helping other people.  It will continue to grow as the markets change and I will roll with those changes accordingly to make this a sustainable idea for the financial preservation of my family for multiple generations.

Well if that isn’t a serious fucking goal, I don’t know what is!  I cannot wait to see how this all works out!!!

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