I’m sure you figured out by now that I’m a liberal snowflake.  I’m actually NOT, but you know, nowadays if you want to keep Congress out of your vagina that makes you a liberal snowflake.  Is it wrong to not want lawmakers to have a say in what happens with my vagina?  Are you uncomfortable with me using vagina?  I mean, there are SO many other words, but I’m being serious.

I watched a video tonight of some girl getting manhandled-arrested at a Waffle House.  ONE black girl. THREE white cops.  ‘Merica!  I hate how the President has infected our society with his racist sexist xenophobic horse shit—to the point that people think that kind of thing is perfectly acceptable.  It is NOT acceptable for anyone to be taken down by 3 cops in a Waffle House unless it’s some 7’3″ 300lb weightlifter on LSD who thinks he’s a dinosaur…and in that case, it doesn’t really matter what race he is cuz he thinks he’s a fucking dinosaur.

Because I grew up “in the north”, people down here think it was so much more progressive, but I’m here to tell you, I grew up in a family of racists and bigots….then there was everyone else who just apologized for the shitty behavior rather than say: “Would it be possible for you to STOP being an asshole?”   As an empath I could feel my grandfather’s disgust when he would talk about….um, anyone not white.  It was awful. And for some reason, we were never allowed to question it.  “He grew up in a different time”—–yes, BUT—-that does not make it ok for him to randomly ask me if there are a lot of n-words at Penn State.   Yes, that happened.  Yes, I was so goddamn gleeful to respond without even looking up from my book: “Yup, Pop-pop, about 40k at main campus”  then when his rant started I just took my book outside.  I can’t be ok with that behavior.  But it’s family and I was raised that family comes before everything.  To that, I say fuck off.  I’m not exposing MY children to a racist asshole just because we share some DNA.  I mean, it’s not an issue because he died in 2001.  The nicest thing he did was pass near the holidays so I got bereavement days on New Year’s Eve.

Yeah.  So because of my upbringing, I’m internally freaking out all the time(minimum 64% of the time) that I might say something that is accidentally racist.  Welcome to Generalized Anxiety Disorder!  Worrying about shit that hasn’t even happened yet because it *might*.  It’s awesome.  Now with all of the horseshit happening in our country, it’s constantly triggering my internal alarms—but what can this one white snowflake do about it?  Therein lies my struggle because I want to talk about it but I don’t feel like I’m allowed to.

*as a side note—my GAD did decrease dramatically when I found out that I am in fact not at all German which is what I thought I was growing up….but I only found that out in like 2007, so it was after I got my “guilt minor” in History(specializing in Nazi-history of course because I couldn’t understand how my ancestors had done something like that).  But I felt guilty for years that I thought a German background, as if Nazi Germany personally affected me or something.  It’s an empath thing.  Now it’s more like “I’m Irish—no tanning, all booze”  heh.

So that’s the question: can a white snowflake speak responsibly about race in America?  Sure, what the hell, let’s see how this goes.

I will start by saying that I completely understand that I am in one of the best AND worst demographics as a white lady.  Say what you want, but chicks get what we want—and it’s pretty awesome. Ladies, have you ever just stolen a guys hat? How do we get away with that shit?  And I still do it to my boys all the time—-“ooh! I love your hat, I’m stealing it” and then I WALK AWAY WITH IT.  FTR, I usually give it back or offer a trade.  Sometimes. It really is amazing.  However, we have the aforementioned vaginas that everyone seems to think they can just do whatever the fuck they want with and not pay a single consequence.  Do you want to debate me on that?  I’m open to it—Leave me a comment and we can really get into it.

So that’s where *I* stand, being fortunate and knowing it.  Apparently our president has brought out all the….ok, how do I put this kindly?  or least harshly…..erm…..ok, now, today, in 2018, there are Nazis, like REAL WHITE NATIONALISTS taking out full page ads.  There are people who put bumper stickers on their cars denying climate science.  It’s like everyone who ever had a racially biased opinion is now operating under the notion that it is ok to be like that.   IT IS NOT OK TO BE LIKE THAT.  I’m not saying you have to be nice to everyone, I’m not saying you have to try Indian food or go to a mosque.  I’m saying you just need to show some common decency to a fellow human being and keep your shitty opinions to yourself.   In the same way that I did not understand how the Germans let the Holocaust happen, I watch the news and all I can say is “HOW IS EVERYONE OK WITH THIS?”  and usually someone give me the “well of course we aren’t ok with it, BUT *insert lame excuse for not speaking up here*”.    Then usually the next day there is a worse story and my head implodes wondering how this shit is happening in 2018?  Why can’t you really speak up?  Why can’t I?  I know I don’t speak up as often as I should because, and this is the ridiculous part, I worry that I would be taken out of context and then be labeled racist.  We can spout the “I don’t see color” lines all day long, but the truth is that DUH, everyone sees color, they just choose whether or not to accept the palette….and you know that “God/Allah/whatever you believe* painted with all the colors because they are all beautiful.  Well usually.  I’m sorry, but every race/nationality has ugly people. and ugly is ugly in any color.  That, and stupidity.  I’m totally prejudiced against idiots—I don’t care what color your skin is or if you are a man or a woman, if you are going 40 in the far left lane of the highway FUCKKKKKKK YOUUUUUUUU!

For realsies, leave a comment, I am interested in what everyone thinks of this, and the current state of our union.

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