The Good Stuff

I’m totally addicted to lists, slideshows, all that interwebs nonsense….but sometimes the lists show me amazing new things that I never would have tried….so here’s my own hacked together tiny list of stuff I’ve found on amazon that I can not live without….

Eyebrow Gel


I have exceptionally fine hair, which is delightful because I can go weeks without shaving and no one knows….but it also means that I have to “put on” my eyebrows every day, and this stuff is amazeballs.


TRTL Travel Pillow


I LOVE THIS!!!  I just had it with me on my trip to Utah, and it is fantastic for sleeping when you are in the center or aisle seat.  Or sitting in the airport and napping away the 2hr delay. Or in the car. You get what I’m saying,  it’s freaking amazeballs.  It’s super easy to care for, the “prop-up” part comes out and you just toss it in the wash.


Disturbed Friends



It’s like CAH, but on crack.  Beware, you might laugh until you cry. Or pee. Or both.


Acupressure Mat



One of my dear friends recommended this for me, and since then my sister, mother, and hubby and jumped on the bandwagon.   I don’t just use it on my back and neck, I’ll step on it when my dogs are really barking at me.  I won’t lie, it’s not soft—but after the first minute you can feel it all over your body and it’s heaven!



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