Political Neutrality.

I was thinking of calling this something about “can a liberal snowflake BE ironic?”, but I think political neutrality is better.  I was talking with one of my cousins tonight(PS–Betsy, we need to talk asap!!) about something another family member posted.  I was honest about the fact that I unfollowed several family members and friends over the last 18mos.  I still go check their profiles occasionally, but the ones that are so strongly republican….I do not understand.

It’s not that I think they are stupid, or ignorant—-one particular family member is one of my favorite people on the planet, and smart as hell.  I just don’t understand…..AH! I got it—I don’t understand the work-flow process in their brain.   I truly love the experience of someone teaching me a new point of view and way to look at things…that has been one of the blessings of my Camp Family, they have taught me so much about every aspect of acceptance.  But I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that I have family that can so fiercely love gay family members, but is ok with all of the legislation that has taken away their rights.  How are my republican friends who have children okay with toddlers being taken from their mommies?  I don’t understand.

I’m more than a little exhausted by each day being more brutal than then last….and just when I assume that we have hit rock bottom, BOOM!  Something bigger comes up and I don’t want politics to affect my relationships, but srsly—as a republican you are OK with the US leaving the UNHRC?  I am not ok with that. I’m not ok with that at all.  Are you afraid?  I am.  Everyday I am afraid that some legislation will come up that  might hurt a framily member.  I’m afraid that my sister and her partner of–really, it’s been so long I’m not even sure how long it’s been, I think maybe 31yrs?  Thirty-something years together and they could have rights just stripped because why??  Really—why?  Shit, God bless them for sticking it out and putting up with each other for 30ish years—–that’s amazing by any *kind* of relationship standard.  It’s fucking impressive. And I am so scared for them.  I’m scared for my son, for my daughter, for what they are learning and thinking is OK to happen in the world.  My heart shatters when I hear those kids at the detention camp crying for their parents.  I know as a Capricorn I’m not supposed to talk about my feelings, just stuff them DOWN DOWN DOWN, but I’m SO scared in the deepest parts of my heart—-and I’m just a 40yr old white lady, y’all.  If anything, I know that just my basic description gives me more of a head-start than a lot of people in this world…..and when you add in my gorgeous smile and amazeballs personality*wink wink*—-I know how lucky I am, and I thank the Universe every day for all the joy and luck and fortune I have had.  Recognizing your privilege, be it skin color, affluence,  intelligence, physical ability or  any other kind, is important to recognizing that there are serious problems in our country.

In a way, this is kind of like having a HUGE fight with your bestie, and then you have to decide if you’re going to raise the white flag or wait for said bestie admit that she was being a feckless twat and she is sorry.  Actually, you twat admission isn’t even needed—just admitting you were an asshole in this one particular situation can go a long way….sorry, had a SQUIRREL moment with the friendship thing….

My point is, I have made the conscious choice over the last few years of spending my time with people who vibrate on my level—that see all the good in the world, and want to make it better.  How am I to properly factor in politics?  It’s never been an issue before because (IN MY LIFETIME) we have never been THIS divided.   I can’t help but see the best in people and I know there has to be a way to bridge this political gap.

I’m not saying my republipeeps (do you like that one? i just made it up.  repubilcan peeps=repubilipeeps) need to tell me they are NOT cool with the tent cities for toddlers—-altho I won’t lie, knowing you hate that policy goes a long way with me.  I just want my republican family and friends to know….I’m trying, y’all, I’m really trying.  I wish they would try too.

WHAT?? Did I just suggest that both sides should try?  Yes. Yes I did.  And I don’t think it’s a terrible idea for us to have conversations where we actually listen to each other and don’t just spend the time thinking of what you’re going to say next.   And for the love of it all, can we please stop talking about HC’s fucking emails?  She’s done–she’s a Gramma now, and Bill is writing fiction and is the Grampa with 17,000 stories that he wants to tell you….just, let’s move on and talk about the people that are relevant NOW–TODAY.

At the end of the day, we can all have our own opinions and that is what is AMAZEBALLS about our country, but how about let’s start figuring out what’s best going forward with a different mindset?  How about let’s go forward thinking about policies that will HELP our families,  our framilies, and even people we don’t know!  For example (SOUTH CAROLINA), I don’t give a single fuck who is in the next stall to me.  If it’s a trans, that’s totally cool as long as you DO NOT PEE ON THE SEAT!  I hate it when people do that.  What—it’s so fucking hard to wipe up those two drops?????  DO YOU DO THAT SHIT AT HOME TOO?????

Let’s end with that—going forward, I think whether you are a liberal snowflake or a Trump supporter or just a republican that we all can agree on one thing:

Don’t pee on the toilet seat.

We start there, one small change….before long—–we start listening to each other.

Start small. Be kind.

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