The smallest step forward is still forward.

Since my Overgrowth post I have felt the Universe sending me little things that I need.  The motivations to just pick up a few things at a time, no pressure, and it’s looking less like a tornado passed through. It’s honestly not even a lot–just taking the bag of dog food that’s been on the table for a week into the kitchen and putting it in the container. Easy-peasy.  Doing a pass-thru to pick up random socks that everyone leaves… many socks.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I don’t wear socks, so I know it’s not me, but the kiddos’ socks just get everywhere.  Bizarro.

I spent some quality time with my  plants, which always makes me feel better.  I have mapped out a plan on how to best utilize the garage ceiling for storage.  I’m filling up loads of samples containers to start handing out–I’m 97% ready to put ACC(Amazeball Crafting Company) live on Etsy.

While I’m doing these things, esp working on my plants, I am trying to be more cognizant of where my mind wanders.  All of the work I’ve been doing with gratitude and positivism and changing my inner conversations must be working because as I do this “chore” that I enjoy, I spend the time thinking about all the things that I’m grateful for.  How lucky I am to have so many things in my life that bring me joy.  That even though I have to fight thru the delicious salted caramel of my depression to feel this way, it’s worth it.

Tonight when I get home, I’ll do a little more, and feel a little better. Even if I put ONE thing away, it’s one less thing that’s out of place.

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