I’ve loved you since….

The first time I watched Cellular, I think that’s what it was called. Kim Basinger was in it. I remember knowing when the movie was over that  I was gonna to fangirl something bad. I knew you were going places. And you did–you went to Hollywood and became a bonafide movie star. Not only that, you kept doing smaller projects you had more control over.  Projects that were nothing short of amazeballs.  Projects that showed your brains. And you spoke out, you made anxiety something that people accept. People like you, unreachable to me, opened the door for our voices. So much respect was earned from your fellow anx’ts. But because you tell me how hard and weird it is for strangers to approach you, I won’t. I didn’t. I saw you on the street and I’m sure got Fangirl Face which I somehow morphed to a smize. My prize for keeping my shit together was your smirky half smile and you looked SO kind. I know your MCU time is nearly over, but you will be the standard for my son–respect, honor, loyalty…you set a high bar, and I know one day I will see a little bit of the Cap in my son.

“On your left.”

You jump when others shirk. You have an opinion when others are silent. You have a goal, and a line in the sand and you can walk it to get it. You admit to your assholery when required. You can just listen. You are always honest, especially when it hurts. You trust me and in me. You inspire me.

“Captain America needs my help. I see no better reason to jump back in.”

I’m a proud fangirl who will use the MCU to teach my kids, just as I learned from Christopher Reeve and General Zod and the original Supergirl what is right and wrong. Nerds breed nerds, and I cannot wait to see how the next nerd uprising changes our values.


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