And then a fire was lit under my tushie….

Not a REAL fire, duh.  Although in my defense, it’s not entirely out of the question that something like that would literally happen to me, but not today boys and girls, not today.   In the last few weekends I turned into a kitchen witch and made several batches of lots of goodies like my Hemp Oil Pain Cream, All-purpose Salve, Amazeballs Pain Cream, and more Sleepy Balm. Then, I listed my fantastical Sport Flamingo, and the adorable Rainbow Flamingo (just in time for Pride here in Atlanta!!).   Working on more bird listings for customization, so keep an eye out!

It didn’t stop there….I hopped on eBay and put the first of many listings for this statue that didn’t make the cut in my grand de-cluttering adventure.  I’ve finally hit my limit for “stuff”, and now is a great time to just start slowly listing and unloading years of collecting ALL THE THINGS!!

This is what happens when someone tells me I can’t do something….”oh, you can’t possibly be debt-free any time soon”…..really?  Watch me and take notes.

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