Let’s DIY some stuff!

Due to recent financial changes in our household, I’ve started getting creative with some of my beauty products.  So I thought I’d share a couple for those who want to give it a whirl, and of course, some items are for sale if you’d rather support an artist!

I bleach my hair, and after a few months I turn into frizzmonster.  I haven’t had a haircut since July, so needless to say I’m looking more than a little frizzy and with my trip coming up I wanted to try to tame it. Normally this is when I’d just chop it and start fresh, but I’m curious to see how my hair will act in Scotland.  When we visited San Francisco a few years ago it was the best hair of my life!  So I’m hoping for similar results on Scottish shores, but until then, I’m trying all the DIY hair repairs I can find.  This morning I put this one on and slept with it.

CocoHoney Hair Mask

  • 3T coconut oil
  • 1.5T Honey
  • 3 egg yolks

Melt coconut oil in microwave for 10 sec at a time until liquid.  Add honey and egg yolks and whip until smooth.  Apply to damp hair.  Cover with hot towel for 45min, or cover with shower cap and keep on overnight. Wash out as usual.

Like I said, I slept with it in, which was kind of messy despite my best efforts at wrapping it up, but I could immediately tell a difference when I combed out my hair after washing–hardly any broken hair in the comb!  I will definitely use this one again because it’s so easy and has items that I always have in the house.  This is one you’ll have to try on your own because I have no idea how I would package this one!

Eyelash Thickening Serum

  • Castor Oil
  • 2dr Lavender Essential Oil
  • 2dr Rosemary Essential Oil
  • 2dr Cedarwood Essential Oil

In an empty mascara bottle, fill 3/4 full of castor oil.  Add oils.  Give it a good shake before using.  Apply daily.

OMG, I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!  I’ve been adding a drop of lavender oil to my mascara for a few years, but this helps my lashes grow just as well as the Rodan and Fields Serum that I love so dearly.  And it smells SO GOOD!  I found it helps to have an extra mascara brush to really get the oil in all the lashes after application. I use it twice a day, and I could see results within a day or two.   If you’d like to purchase this, it would come in a tube just like regular mascara, and is yours for just $15 and shipping is free.

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