New year, same me.

No, I’m not making resolutions.  I’m making changes.  Hell, I’ve BEEN making changes.  The changes I’m making are things that I have been working on for months, or even years, so I’m not even going to play like this is some crap I just happened to think of for 01/01/19.   Truth be told, I have the next couple years roughly mapped out in my head–what I want to do, where I want to be, and how I can perhaps start to make my mark.

Keep an eye out for more items in Etsy and eBay–I have a fabulous helper, my niece, who is yelling at me to get rid of everything….she will be vital to The Purge.

I am doing a solo trip this year, heading to Scotland for a week.  For some people traveling alone is a big fear, but for me it’s always been a joy.  And now, with 2 kids, and all the other stress of life, it’s pure heaven to have a week to myself exploring a place I’ve always wanted to go.   If you’ve ever been and have suggestions, please leave me comments!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year, and enjoying the last few days of holiday break…may love and laughter fill your new year!

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