Dear Anonymous…

The first thought that I had when I read this was “Absolutely not!”. I wasn’t going to bother responding because I’m not going to deal with someone that has such grammar issues, but the question itself IS a good one to ask me.

Do I feel I am invading queer spaces such as the men’s campground?

Nope. Not one bit. I was invited by my GBFF, and I immediately clicked with so many of the dudes up there. Now, I can’t imagine my life without them. I feel this question is assuming that I am 100%super-straight-uptight lady and the truth is that I am a married bisexual who bonds fastest with gay men. I always have—I’m like a moth to the flamers, pardon the pun. I have spent my entire life being obnoxiously pro-gay because of my sister and my cousin, and all my other friends and family that are anything other than totally straight, so again I say no I do not feel I’m invading queer space because I’m part of the queerness. In addition, being at a camp full of gay/trans/take your pick has taught me so much. They have taught me how to be a better human. They have given me perspectives I never had before. They have taught me things I didn’t even know existed. They have accepted me with my flaws and everything. I am a better person because of the experiences I have had up there and the brothers I have found.

I have had a pretty good handful of people ask why is it that I enjoy having my “alone” time at this gay campground. When the question comes from a man it is always much harder to explain, but the girls pick up on it right away. The answer to that one is this: I am the most ME I can be when I am there. Having a camper gives me the alone time that my soul craves, and when I want to be social the people are amazing. It’s not just that they are hilarious and interesting individuals , it’s that there is an air of JOY that permeates the campground because everyone can just be themselves. Right now in my life there are not many places that I feel safe to be 100% me, but camp is one of those places. Additionally, hanging out with gay men is an entirely different dynamic that a group of “bros”. It’s very easy to feel secure when you are with a bunch of people and there is no sexual dynamic(for me) aside from all the bad jokes.

I am aware that there are gentlemen that are not thrilled to have a female party-crasher. All I can do is smile and stay out of their way. Until the campground becomes Men Only I will continue to relax in the woods where all the cool people are.

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