Before and after

I got my first tattoo twenty-five years ago. Even though I was terrified. Yes, it hurt like a mofo, but I was hooked. By the time I graduated from Penn State I had a couple more—but only a few small ones because I was raised that tattoos were trashy. But lately I have been knocking down some walls, so to speak, and channeling my inner Elsa. Letting go of the values and beliefs that have been shoved down my throat until it became unclear where that left off and I began. Aunt Barb helped me with that. I think she would love that I love what art I’m creating with my body. We always agreed how easy it is to love that someone else enjoys something that are personally disliked in general. She taught me how to use my empathy, as well as how to admit when you’re being a bitch.

Anyway! Where was I? Ah yes, personal growth.

A few years back I added a profile of Maleficent on my chest. I needed something similar to HQ, but different. So I had this:

As you can see, I added wording under Harley, so I finally had the chance to tweak Maleficent. Something about it was missing —I thought maybe some green flames, but Paul at Olde School Tattoo in Marietta took it to the next level!!!

She looks amazing, I’ll post better pictures after she’s healed.

64 days to go.

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