65 Day Challenge

I know they say keep your goals to yourself, but I don’t think of this as public—I love all 30 of my followers.

Last week I watched two documentaries on Netflix:

Fork Over Knife

What The Health

I highly recommend watching these, but keep an open mind. This isn’t the woo-woo nonsense, this is scientific—based on facts. It is based on these facts that our household will be doing 30 days of plant based whole food eating. No animal products, dairy, or processed food. I can do anything for 30 days. I’m thrilled to be doing it as a household, I imagine it would be more than a little challenging to stay the path when you are the only one….msg me if you wanna join me on this adventure! The beauty of the interwebs is we can all participate no matter where we live!!!

But wait! The title says 65? WTF?

That is for my other little goal which is 65 days of posting. I have been going through some serious shit. My friends are absolutely the best, but at the end of the day it’s just me myself and I, and I need to work out some things. Not to mention, I have much to share!

So February 24 will begin my vegan journey, which I am sure AF gonna write about, and the 65 post challenge starts today.

For the vegans I know—would you share recipes? If anyone wants to join me, reply here or msg me— Genevieve@amazeballcrafting.com

I need this mug!

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