I just can’t decide

There are so many things I could name this, I’m overwhelmed.

The truth is that as I get older, my ADHD and anxiety are morphing. And the depression—please let’s not forget that fun one! They are all changing and I find that my previous exceptional coping mechanisms are no longer cutting it. Sometimes the thought of getting all my shit unpacked is paralyzing. Literally. It’s the most surreal thing. Other times I go down a rabbit hole to get something done and it’s ridiculous how over the top it ends up….

But holy crap, look how it turned out! I’ve been staring at this space for months, and today was the day. I finally have a spot to drop my purse on the dryer and all laundry needs are nice and neat. I can even be reassured that I have a safe amount of TP anytime I glance over there!

Also today we got all plants and deco down and winterized. My house will be this boring for about a week before the holiday decorating begins and I cannot wait!!!!!

It the small steps. FOR REALSIES.

That’s a delightfully positive note to end on.

PS—the Braves won the World Series! Go sportsballteam!!!!

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