The Continuing Purge.

Sometimes it seems like I’m never going to be done. I get one area clean and awesome and then realize I have another couple boxes of crap to go thru. I have more empathy than ever for the people on Hoarders cuz this shizz is HARD. But the truth is that all that crap was trying to fill a void in me. The more I purge, the lighter I feel.

Clothing has been the hardest. My weight has always yo-yo’d, so there is a part of me that doesn’t want to get rid of the bigger things. However, I have finally started wearing things that are the accurate size and I realize that all my baggy clothes aren’t doing me any favors. It’s weird how attached I am to some of my clothes, especially my dresses. The ones that I can’t part with are now in space bags. Have you tried space bags? They are the best thing ever.

My craft supplies have been a challenge. I am slowly whittling them down. This is not so hard because honestly if I haven’t used it in the 2yrs I’ve lived there, it’s gone. Not gone gone, donated to the artsy folks in my life.

The biggest challenge is family stuff. Aunt Barb had been the keeper of all the VanNoy picts, etc, that had been Gramma’s. Now I am the keeper, and I love it. I often go through the photo albums and baby books. However, it seems I am the last Keeper. I really hope that one day my kids or my nieces would want to have it. I’ve been able to part with some of the family “stuff”, but I really wish there was somewhere to donate it where it would be appreciated.

Every box I empty is a celebration. It might take me another year to finish, but one day at a time, y’all.

Time to go drop off another giant box to goodwill!

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