Brussel Sprouts

You thought I was kidding, right?  That maybe “Brussel Sprouts” is code for something deeper and more profound…..really it’s not. I’d talk about brussel sprouts(BS for remainder of post), so here it goes.

In November I had the best BS of my life.  All I know is they were cooked with bacon or in bacon grease and they were……AMAZEBALLS.  Sadly, because it’s a family recipe, I could not hijack it to try for my kids.
(I did mention yet that I have kiddos?  To save them the humiliation of a blogger mother we will call them Monster and Muffin. I’ll talk more about them later–and you know THAT is true because all us moms ever do is talk about our perfect childr…..I’m sorry, I couldn’t say that with a straight face.)

Anyway—I couldn’t get the recipe, but I respect the HELL out of people who make something that is so fucking incredible and then keep it a family recipe.  I don’t like to share either. I mean, I will if I HAVE to or if I WANT to, but sometimes I hate sharing.  Yeah, I’m the mom who eats the cookies when they are sleeping.  I have done this.  And I took responsibility for being an asshole—“Children, sometimes Mommies need cookies too.  There will be more cookies in your future, so let’s calm down and get on with it.”  I parent much like my mother did in the eighties, except it’s not the eighties, I swear a lot more, and my behavior never makes them question whether or not I love them.  Other than that, TOTALLY the same.

The point is, if you have a recipe that involves bacon and brussel sprouts and it’s not an heirloom, PLEASE share it with me.  I’ll love you forever!

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