Lightbulb moments come at the strangest times.  Or, at the perfect time.  I’ve been feeling restless and “without project”, which is not good for me—I like to be busy.  I’ve been trolling pinterest looking for something to jump at me.  I fell into the void reading how to de-clutter articles.  How many of those have you read?  Sometimes I feel like I have read them all, and you can certainly tell that I have picked up on “some” of the tips and tricks…but there was a preview that I caught a glimpse of that was talking about the PURPOSE of each room in the house.  That got my attention.  I love my house y’all…I knew from the second that I saw it that it was going to be our house.  But we are messy people, who are raising messy people, so there is a whole lot of shit everywhere at any given time.  Personally, I need organized chaos to thrive—I love the idea of “magazine ready living”, but it is just not a reality for me. My sister got those genes.  ALL of them.  Seriously, she once followed my 2yr old son around with a dustbuster.  This is why I don’t travel.

I digress…

Basically I started thinking of how to re-invent the playroom and the lightbulb went off about what each room is for.  We have a dining room, as do most folks.  However, since we got our kitchen re-done, we never use it.  And frankly, I dislike the idea of a room that isn’t loved every single day.  I want my space to be full of life, not waiting for Thanksgiving and Christmas and being a dump zone the rest of the year.  Since I’m on this amazing life-changing journey now, I think everything will be Go Big or Go Home!  This being said, I have a project! I am going to transform the dining room into a craft room.  I’m letting go of the ideas of what my house “should be”, and the rooms I “should have” and creating space for the work and ambition I have to make my creative dreams my reality.  I love breaking traditions—it’s SO fetch!

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