Bane Became Awesomesauce

I’m a movie junkie. I always have been. I enjoy watching the same movie over and over until I don’t just have it memorized, but know every nuance of a line, how all the scenes work together, and exactly when shit explodes. What can I say, I was a film major.  I grew up in a small one stoplight town in northern PA where I went to school with the same people my entire life, and I didn’t even know I COULD major in film, let alone that I would grow up to spend 17yrs and counting at one of the biggest cable networks.  Oops!  Tangent!

Movies. Yes. I love them, I find them to be a great tool for time measurement when I’m working so I have more than a few downloaded on my phone.  I tried to add a couple more last night and it turns out I’m a digital picture hoarder. I think we all are—-because it’s so easy to take 5 pics instead of 1 to “make sure” there’s a good one.  Unfortunately I always forget to go back thru and get rid of the shit ones, so I have over 14GB in photos.  I’m in the process of backing them all up to Dropbox—have you tried that one?  It’s scary having them all “in the cloud”, but nice to be able to dump them all and be done. And now starts the process of actually deleting them from my phone.  This is both awesomesauce and the bane of my existence.  It’s a bane because omg what a pain in the ass, right?  But rather than think of this as a chore, I’ve decided to embrace how fun it is to look at everything again, get rid of the crap I don’t need anymore, and see how amazeballs my life really is.  Don Draper nailed it when he said sometimes you just need to change the conversation.

I’m trying to change a lot of conversations in my life and it’s unbelievable and unbelievably uncomfortable.  However–once you make the switch, it’s amazing how fast it sticks!  For example, think of how many times in a day you say “I’m sorry”.  If you’re a woman it’s probably a higher number, but even still, how many of those sorry’s are really necessary?  Can they be replaced with “Pardon me”, or, HEAVEN FORBID “Thank you”?  There are so many other things we can say besides sorry.  Take one day to notice how often you say it, and if you can use something else instead.  When I became #notsorry it actually took a load off my shoulders—I stopped feeling like a burden to the person holding the door open or the coworker who nearly mowed me down because their phone was more interesting than watching where they walked.  I don’t need to apologize to anyone anymore unless I’m the asshole. Our words hold more weight than we give them credit for…and kind words make for a kind heart.

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