In my recent quest to get my shit organized, I realized that I really love having everything labeled.  I mean, I fell in love at first sight with my P-Touch.  Now I’m upping my game.  I started upcycling old boxes, wrapping them with washi tape and using them rather than standard organizers.  Now it’s much easier to tell the kiddos where something is, much easier for them to remember where to put it away, and who doesn’t love having a pop of color everywhere?

Step 1: Get a box, seal edges with packing tape.


Step 2: Use a ruler and draw a line around the box, then use a razor to get a good clean cut.


Step 3:  Decorate and enjoy!


Once I started saving boxes I was really amazed how many our family of four go thru!  For the boxes I really liked the shape of, I would use packing tape to reseal the other end so each box would give me 2 organizers.  I know they sell washi tape everywhere nowadays, but I highly recommend ordering from here because the prices are amazeballs!  It will take a few weeks to arrive, but it’s totally worth it.

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