Let’s Get Physical!

Because today’s topic is “Best Physical Features”

I’ve always been told I look like Bette Midler—and I’ll take that compliment any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The short answer is I have a beautiful smile, a good rack, and if you’re looking for a great booty, look no further cuz mine is pretty fine.

This is actually a hard topic for me to talk about because I was taught that it was vain to think too highly of yourself.   And I love my mother, but she wasn’t exactly the queen of positivity(remember the deodorant thing?).  Rather than gently suggest I change outfits, I would get “Go put on something that fits, you look like a cow.” .   For years I couldn’t take a compliment to save my life.  Now I give and get them freely and often–from strangers and friends.  Becoming someone who loves her body was a long difficult road that boils down to one core statement:  I am amazeballs. There is nobody like me, and if someone has a problem with me, it’s THEIR problem because I am fucking fabulous.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wish I could go back to my 20s and let myself know that secret—that I’m so awesome.   It would have saved much heartbreak.  But then my inner geek kicks in and reminds me that going thru those experiences in any other way would change who I am NOW, and as we’ve discussed, I’m pretty fabulous.

Once you find YOUR core statement, once you really feel it in your SOUL….you see you are one of the beautiful people–because we are all beautiful in some way.  It will radiate in your smile, your demeanor, your energy.  And it takes such a load off  your shoulders, to stop worrying what everyone thinks of you.  Holy hell that is a lot of work.  This isn’t to say that I wouldn’t present myself accordingly for whatever situation I’m in—I’m not going to a business meeting in my PJs, but I have no problem going to work sans makeup because the pollen count is a billion and why waste the makeup when it will all run off anyway!


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