Just a quick note to give some assurances…..you see yesterday was challenging. But it goes further back than just yesterday.

The past 10 days of the Weinstein trial have been mentally draining. It is hard as f*ck to sit there and listen to hours and hours of sexual assault testimony and not have it stir up my own personal experiences so that I’m reliving my own assault on a day to day basis. Yes, we use a LOT of dark humor to get thru it, and I’m thankful to work with a great group of guys who let me make jokes and don’t treat me with kid gloves.

Then this week happened. There was the superbowl kerfuffle, SOTU, and finally the impeachment acquittal. Oh, and yesterday I had to justify to the new therapist why I didn’t press charges against my rapist 25yrs ago. (Ummmm, I was 17, it was 1995, he was a “friend”, and you just didn’t do that kind of thing)

So we watched a little news just to see, and I got on FB just to see…..and I realized exactly why I stopped watching the news once it wasn’t my job. So I deleted FB and Messenger from my phone. Not to sound snotty, but omg I just can’t even. I will miss my groups, and knowing what everyone is up to–but I didn’t delete the account, and I will still publish this blog to the AC FB page. I’m still on Instagram, and Twitter. I’m not disappearing, just taking a step back.

What I am hoping is that this will drive me to write more. I really haven’t written much since Barb died, and I have a lot to say(shocking!). And with what I have my on my plate for the year, I don’t need the judgement of FB weighing on me for choices and decisions that I make. I’m too old for that shit. Be real or be gone–what a powerful way to live.

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