Newest project!!

These will be on Etsy when I get the REAL photos done. Fancy Flamingos!! I can customize the colors if you want it to match your alma mater, etc. $25/bird or $40 for a pair.

Cockroaches and Shenangins

You know you work with the right people when this email is sent to inform management of potential pest issues.....I am not the author of this letter, but since it made me laugh my butt off at the thought of some cockroach running towards her yelling SSSSPPPPAAAAAARRRRRRRRTTTTTAAAAAAA!!!!!!!, I thought it was worth sharing.   Hey... Continue Reading →


Stumbled on this gem, which reminded me that there will always be awesome open-minded people who understand that we are all so LUCKY to find love---and that it really doesn't matter where your love is found, just count your stars that you have love in your life.

Sassy Pants!

I have noticed now that I've been "working on myself" that I am wearing my sassy pants on a near daily basis.  I love wearing my sassy pants---it spurs me to get sh*t done.  Tonight, thanks to our tax refund, I was able to pay off a couple credit cards and that feels amazeballs!  And... Continue Reading →

the big 1-0.

I just realized that I officially have 10 followers.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT???  I say that with nothing but absolute joy that people are interested in hearing my thoughts and opinions.   And when I saw I hit 10, THIS was my exact thought: Thank you.

Something I Miss

That was the subject for today, and while I could totally go all emotional and talk about serious things, I'm going to talk about something I seriously miss that won't make you cry.  Or maybe it will, if you're my kind of people. The struggle is real, y'all---I miss being able to sneeze, cough, or... Continue Reading →

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