Something I Miss

That was the subject for today, and while I could totally go all emotional and talk about serious things, I'm going to talk about something I seriously miss that won't make you cry.  Or maybe it will, if you're my kind of people. The struggle is real, y'all---I miss being able to sneeze, cough, or... Continue Reading →


Weird quirks.  Hm, ok.  I have quirks, lots of them, I'm sure.  I like to brush my teeth in the shower.


I'm sure you figured out by now that I'm a liberal snowflake.  I'm actually NOT, but you know, nowadays if you want to keep Congress out of your vagina that makes you a liberal snowflake.  Is it wrong to not want lawmakers to have a say in what happens with my vagina?  Are you uncomfortable... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of DIY

If you ever saw the life hack of using a hot glue gun on the back of a rug to help with traction---try it!  It totally works!  We have a gorgeous new rug that was super slippery, and I decided to try it.  I forgot my nemesis the hot glue gun would leave me with... Continue Reading →


The last time I cried, that's the topic today.  I have to admit, it's been awhile and I feel it in my heart.  I need to cry--I need a good hard UGLY cry that leaves your eyes swollen and your throat raw and a hundred tissues on the floor.  My lack of tears is from... Continue Reading →


I started this about a month ago, and I have hit a wall with it, so I'm leaving it unfinished and will revisit after I can sit and get some clarity on what I am saying. I saw this article today and I had to share it.  It poses an interesting question in these changing... Continue Reading →


I saw this on Pinterest and felt it deep. I am sorry if I was ever that person, I am growing every day and while I can't change how I was I am changing who I become.

Bad Habits, of which I have many!

What is the quote? "You smoke too much, drink too much and have questionable morals--you're everything I ever wanted in a friend". Yeah, I'm that friend. The one with bad(but superfun) ideas that can always find a partner in crime. My bad habits include but are not limited to: Drinking Smoking Swearing like an intellectual... Continue Reading →

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